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Climbing is a metaphor for life

At least that is what the back of our t-shirts said when I worked at our local ropes course.  Recently I have learned the true meaning of the phrase.  In climbing there are often times where you are unsure where to move next and often you wind up feeling stuck.  There are other times when the only thing you can do is to trust your partner who has you on belay.  I think this is where I have been lately.  I feel like I’m half way up the wall but have no idea where to go next.  Luckily God is the one on the other end of the hope holding me secure.  I can think of no better belay partner.
To make things more literal, I did go climbing last week!  We took our youth to our local YMCA that has an indoor climbing wall.  I made it up to the top (TWICE!) but needless to say I definitely had a harder time hauling my butt up this time versus the last time I climbed (which was three years ago and 20 lbs lighter) but I am very proud!  I hope to hit the outdoor wall this spring!
chronic illness

All Clear!

I got the results back from my CT scan and blood work and everything is all clear!  So it looks like the source of continuing pain and other issues is most likely scar tissue which on one hand is good b/c it wasn’t anything more serious like a tumor or blockage but on the other there is nothing they can do about it.  But hopefully things will start looking up soon!

To continue on that note, the weather has been absolutely gorgeous the last couple days!  Warm air & sunshine!  My body wants for this weather to stay but my luck the temps will bottom out again by the end of the week!  Come on springtime!

chronic illness

Pleasantly flavored?!

The directions on my bottles of barium indicated that this is a “pleasantly flavored quick-moving barium.”  Pleasantly-flavored my butt.  The directions should say “drink this sh** as quickly as possible without throwing up.”  Whoever put that pleasantly flavored crap on the bottle must not have had to drink it.  Jerk.