Understanding Fibromyalgia

Well...if there is such a thing. I've been doing more research on fibromyalgia since its seems to still be plaguing me after surgery. We've three different medications so far to no avail so I'm trying to gather a "game plan" for when I meet with my rheumotologist on August 6. Luckily, I have … Continue reading

Week #2 back at work

Holy cow am I exhausted! This week is not nearly as stressful but I have just been so worn out! Last night I was sound asleep before 9pm! I am such an old fart! Tonight probably won't be much different as I can feel my eyelids getting heavier even as I type! I go see my rheumotologist in two … Continue reading

Amazing Grace

"Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)" Amazing graceHow sweet the soundThat saved a wretch like meI once was lost, but now I'm foundWas blind, but now I see' Twas grace that taught my heart to fearAnd grace my fears relievedHow precious did that grace appearThe hour I first believed My chains are … Continue reading

Back at work :(

Today is my second day at work and I'm wondering if six weeks was long enough. I am completely overwhelmed and exhausted. My hormones are way out of whack after adding to my HRT. I could honestly cry! I wish my husband was home and not away on a youth trip … Continue reading