Rose Awards!

This morning I was blessed to find that Janna had given me the . It has completely made my morning! I arrived at work stressed about everything I had to get done today to prepare for being out and also knowing that this time tomorrow I will be in surgery but God uses people to send His grace and … Continue reading

Much better day!

Today I feel much more energized about our adoption! I had magnets made at to send to family & friends asking them to pray for our adoption as well as give them our adoption blog ( I didn't think that they would want to see my daily … Continue reading

Crushed…and Inspired

Here is what I posted on thenest as I don't think I can type it out again:I just got an email back from the agency we were really hoping to work with about some questions that we had regarding health issues. We had really wanted to adopt from Korea but I was just informed that with DH's diabetes … Continue reading