My first adoption book came!

I’m so excited!! I just read the first chapter (shhh! don’t tell my boss!) and I am covered with chill bumps! The last line of the chapter made my heart skip a beat! It said, “Somewhere out there your child–born or unborn–is waiting for you.” Isn’t that fabulous?! While I am so excited, I have to remind myself that this isn’t going to be an easy process and there may be days where I feel like quitting. But I’m just so thankful to have God as my guide and have the most husband to share this journey with!

On another positive note, we are making progress with physical therapy! She had made me adjust my sleeping posture and sitting posture (which is extremely difficult! I can’t cross my legs at all!) and is continuing to try to manual break up the scar tissue. While it isn’t always pleasant, I feel like we are heading in the right direction!


I feel I can breathe again

Words just can’t express how I feel now that we’ve made the decision to adopt. John and I have both said that we feel like a huge weight has been lifted off our shoulders and we can relax. After our soccer game Saturday morning (which was a blast by the way), we went out shopping at the outlets and for the first time in a loooong time I was able to see baby things and instead of feeling discouraged, I felt exciting knowing that soon I would get to be a mommy! Before I was so stressed about not getting pregnant but now I get to relax knowing that its not up to my body anymore! God has definitely worked everything out and given me a peace that is completely beyond my understanding!


What a stinky Friday night

While everyone else is out cheering at the football game, I’m home 🙁 My new physical therapist has found a major source of my pain. She said that my abdomen is slap full of scar tissue. She said she could only think of 2 or 3 other patients she has ever seen with as much scar tissue as I have. Thank you endo for the lovely parting gifts! So in effort to break up the tissue, she spent half an hour proding my stomach and as a result I am extremely sore. So I’m off to bed after my lovely percacet/benadryl cocktail but I did want to share some good news! Our first agency info packet should be arriving Monday! Yippee! And John & I have got a plan for saving for this adoption! This is really happening! We are going to be parents!!!